The Velvicks


Blend of hard rock hooks and energetic songwriting
have transformed New York’s most intimate venues
into stadium shows
Photo by: Mark Von Holden

Photo by: Mark Von Holden


Spring of 2017. Ed Marson (Drums) had a practice space setup in his basement in Brooklyn, where fellow musicians would hangout, party and jam. Vinny Da Silva (Guitar) and Apoena Frota (Bass), both Berklee alumni, were always around and soon Vick Nader (Lead Vocals) joined the fun. They started throwing some wild private rock parties at "The Monroe Mansion" as they would call it. The parties started getting bigger and bigger till a booking agent who was randomly attending one of those parties offered to book the band at local music venues for bigger exposure.

A few months later, in August 2017, they officially formed The Velvicks and debuted live at Irving Plaza. Since then, they have been growing exponentially through live performances alone.  They are refreshing the rock scene in NYC, delivering an all original "stadium rock" experience to intimate and well known venues like Rough Trade, National Sawdust, Surf Lodge and Gramercy Theater without having any music released yet. 

Except to hear their lively Portuguese chatter at post show parties, one wouldn’t know the band are all Brazilian natives.  With influences from Pink Floyd, Queens of The Stone Age, The Black Keys and Radiohead, the band is delivering heart pounding rock and zero Bossa Nova.  Their sound and vision is completely singular and the general feedback so far has been nothing but inspirational. “Songs are making sense, the band is delivering badass live performances and people are responding to it.” says Vick. 

The band just finished their first album “Dope Me”, to be released soon. Check out their calendar for upcoming dates and experience them live.